Saturday, February 7, 2009

Girl therapy

We started a new tradition, to get together at the beginning of the year to put all our goals, hopes and dreams into a box...a shadow box that is. I knew this was not going to be just another reason for us to get together as we will come up with anything but this was truly something different. We each took the time to find items that were important to us and items that signified what we wanted to take place this year. Mel decided that we should all go around the room and explain why we chose the things we did and although it took a good hour to get started we managed to get through everyone. I won't go through the details because that is something we will forever share as a group but I will say hearing their dreams, challenges they are facing and goals for the year made these girls seem more beautiful than ever. Not that we haven't connected on this level before but it was seriously like therapy...where there is laughing, crying and more laughing but it was so needed.
We've all been broken down before but we've all been there for one another and this is just one more memory to add to our crazy book of life! We had a purpose and we accomplished it TOGETHER!

All of you are truly something special and you each mean the world to me. To have friends like you is like no other and it's something I can't live without!

Our little lady Michala was not able to be there but she was there in spirit..we love you honey bear and as god is on your side at this difficult time so are your girls.

These girls are oldies, goodies but most importantly...KEEPERS! Here's to a year of changes, new beginnings, new opportunities and making things happen! Love you all!

Thanks to Vanessa for letting us to have this at her casa!


Denise Hall said...

Yes we have started a tradition!  I had the best time and like you said it was well needed! I just love my Girls and would do anything for all of you! We have been through soo much together and we just get more beautiful and wiser through the years. To see us all grow in life is truly amazing! I would be nothing without you girls and I thank God every day that he has placed you in my life for a reason! I can’t wait to grow old with you all! I love you with all my heart! Looking forward at the end of the year so we can see what we have accomplished from the shadow boxes! Besos! D

The Miller Family said... you Tweet! I conpletely agree! We have such a wonderful thing here and we are very blessed to have such amazing bonds!

Carmen Dee said...

I am very lucky to have all of you as friends. You have each shared many moments in my life that are very important and that have defined me. I look forward to all of our accomplishments and the next time we carry on our new tradition! Friendship like this is very rare and I just want to say "thank you all for accepting me and making me apart of something extremely special!" I love you all.

The Miller Family said...

Can I PLEASE get an update on my sweet little Gia girl???