Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's been a while......

Yes, I can say that again! I am horrible at updating our blog but I just couldn't pass up sharing some of our maternity pictures that my best friend Court took for us. You are a doll for doing this for us and as comfy as I am with you I still get all weird with taking pictures but we loved them all! Thanks Court and we love you, Chris and Ella Michelle so very much!
As far as the pregnancy..... it's been pretty good up until about a week or so ago. I have the sciatic nerve thing bothering me but only 3 weeks left so I think I can manage and that is as long as Danny gives me a little rub down when need be! Our little Gia Bella is well on her way to joining us and we can't wait! We already love our little chiquita so very much!

Thanks to Miss Ella Michelle for being such a good girl!


Courteney Miller said...

awh...I'm so glad ya'll liked them! It was all my pleasure to capture such precious memories of your soon to be growing family! I love ya'll!

Lori Roberson said...

Those are awesome pictures. Congrats! I know you will be such a great mother!! What an exciting time!