Friday, January 15, 2010

Gia Bella at 5 months

Well again, it's been a while since I have posted anything about my little bumpkin but can you believe she will be 6 months this month? Time sure does fly by and we have watched our precious Gia Bella grow into the most beautiful thing we have ever seen :)
She is now sitting up by herself and pretty much grabbing everything in sight and I think her favorite thing to do is to watch out little dog peanut. She cracks up every time she sees him and pretty much breaks her neck to find out where he is when she hears his little paws roaming through the house. There are so many things I can go into but all I can say is that it's truly amazing to see her explore the world around her and every day I spend with her is such a blessing. Oh, one other thing is that this girl loves to talk! Mornings are non stop but when she sees her daddy come through the door in the afternoon she always has so much to tell him!
Here are some recent pictures of our little Gia Bella.

Gia and Uncle Adam

Alexa reading Gia the bible...sweet huh?

Gia and baby Jordan


Mrs. D said...

Wow!! Gia Bella got so big! I love and miss you pretty girl! Can't wait to have you come over again. I promise to talk to Sasha before hand to make sure she stops getting jealous when I hold you! Love you lots! xoxo, Aunt P

Courteney Miller said...

Awh...she is beautiful Tweet! I know I'm a little late on commenting but haven't gotten a chance to check out the Vekasquez family blog in a while. Better late then never I you guys!